Kyowa kagaku kogyo Ltd.

We wholeheartedly embrace our customer’s lives
by provision and proposal of a vast variety of
packing materials and household supplies.


To engage in work is to enrich our lives.
The company is our family outside of our own family.
The presence of all our business partners enriches
our company.


We always anticipate the customer with attentive
concern and respond to customer expectations
with quick response to deliver satisfying service.
Because to benefit our customers is to benefit
our company as well.


To provide a satisfying aura of compassion and
concern to everyone we encounter so that
they may feel happy to have encountered us.
To be a company where one can experience
“compassion,” a feeling that is often forgotten or
taken for granted.
And to cultivate a caring mindset with all our
employees, so we may always be "grateful" for one another.


Our business is the planning, development and sales of a vast variety of wrapping and packaging materials, packaging machinery, and food packaging machinery used around the world.
Our services include listening to customer requests regarding packaging, research and concept design, proposal of packaging solutions, development and deployment and even inventory management to handle all aspects of handling customers’ precious products.


We take advantage of strength in
small numbers and management by all.

We share customer knowledge transaction information with all
persons involved whether from sales or delivery, so that we can
respond to customer needs with a sense of urgency.

We handle a vast range of packaging materials and
equipment, so we can satisfy various needs of customers with heartfelt sincerity.

We are specialized laminated packaging and can design and provide high value-added packaging solutions. We put our selves in the mind of our customers, and strive to provide cordial service with quick response and quick delivery, because we believe there is true value when we can help customers in need. Whether clerical worker or delivery person, we are all “salespersons” committed to attending to customers every day.


  • Food packaging materials Laminate filmFood packaging materials
    Laminate film
  • Food containers, Tray<br>(PS・PP・PET etc.)Food containers, Tray(PS・PP・PET etc.)
  • Stickers labelsStickers labels

  • Quality and freshness retention(Antibacterial bag・Oxygen scavenger・desiccant etc.)Quality and freshness retention(Antibacterial bag・Oxygen scavenger・desiccant etc.)
  • Paper Products(wrapping paper, Paper box, Paper bag etc.)Paper Products(wrapping paper, Paper box, Paper bag etc.)
  • Industrial materials Distribution materials(container・PP band etc.)Industrial materials Distribution materials(container・PP band etc.)
  • polyester products, Plastic shopping bags etc.polyester products, Plastic shopping bags etc.
  • Packaging machinery and packaging related equipmentPackaging machinery and packaging related equipment
  • Bag, film, sticker designBag, film, sticker design
  • Others(Non-woven fabric products, Medical
    materials, Wrapping supplies etc)


NameKyowa kagaku kogyo Ltd.
Address <Headquarters> 1-14-5, Jinguji, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, 920-0806, Japan
TEL : +81(0)76-252-4095
FAX : +81(0)76-252-4069
EstablishmentNovember 15, 1962 (April 30, 1973 Corporate reorganization)
Capital10,000,000 yen
President and CEOKumi Tatsumi
Lines of BusinessSales of Packaging materials,Packaging machinery and packaging related equipment
Sales planning and design planning etc.
Main BankKanazawa Ekimae Brunch, Hokuriku Bank